Monstrous Child - Paul Newcomb

Monstrous Child has evolved into the boutique management that we had envisioned when when we set up back in October 2018. We set out then with some firm principals. I am glad to say that we have maintained those standards and ethics and managed to achieve the necessary growth to consolidate and move forward.

2020 started off as such a positive year only to be tempered by Covid 19 decimating touring and recording schedules. We have endeavoured to use the ‘down’ time to adjust our sights. It has given us time to concentrate on our artists and give them a more specific and personal service. It has been hard work and very satisfying. Diversification has also been most enjoyable and we have achieved very positive results for our clients.

Looking forward to 2021 will take more than crystal balls. But we shall work with the parameters that we have and make the most of what we have. A family of great bands and artists.

If you have any specific requirements or interest please contact me directly… I am sure you will be hearing from me anyway soon!

Best Wishes / Paul Newcomb