Monstrous Child - Paul Newcomb
Here we go then! The launch of MONSTROUS CHILD!

Monstrous Child - Touring and Artist ManagementMany of you will have seen the MONSTROUS CHILD branding before, and know how important it is to me on a personal level.

We will be offering a bespoke service to clients together with my usual very hands-on approach. This will apply to all aspects of personal band management, merchandising solutions and tour logistics. I shall also be promoting in association with a number of quality venues in UK and abroad with trusted friends.

I hope that I may count on your support in this new venture and we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Monstrous Child - Touring and Artist Management We have an ethos of Straight Shootin’ / Straight Talkin’ and the transparency in all our services which are essential in today’s ever-changing market place.

We have identified our position in the market and will consolidate it before moving forward into new ventures.

Our new website will highlight our specific activities and feature an online shop which will expand as we progress together. We have already secured the rights for Tour T-Shirt merchandising from several UK and US artists and we are now ready also to service your requirements too!

If you have any specific requirements or interest please contact me directly… I am sure you will be hearing from me anyway soon!

Best Wishes / Paul Newcomb