2023 is another busy year with some new exciting projects coming up, and a few of our favourites make a welcome return. Where to start ? So, a quick run down…

We have just taken Vambo on board and shall be looking after their management and bookings. This will be a big year for them and they will release their second eagerly-awaited album this summer. Vambo are booked for several festivals and one off gigs and would really like to get on a major tour to promote the album.

Spike has produced another live show together with Chris Heilmann “Rock and Roll Storyteller’.  His first three shows this year have sold out and there are many more to come. We are taking him over the Irish Sea for several shows and are looking forward to getting back to Europe and Scandinavia later in the year. He is due to release a new album of ‘Late Night Songbook’ which was a massive hit with fans last year.

Praying Mantis are playing a short UK tour later in the year and several European shows. The are scheduled to go into the studios in April to start work soon – the follow up album to the critically acclaimed ‘Katharsis’.

Del Bromham kicked off the year big time with a huge show at Butlins Skegness with his old friend John Verity. They blasted their way through sixty minutes of rock’s favourite anthems and enjoyed themselves no end. They will be featuring at Legends Yarmagedden in March.

Stray will release their new studio album in 2023 although we still haven’t found the right label. Until then we will keep tour dates under wraps although a few festivals are just about to be announced.

Silja Rock Cruise in September now features Spike, Praying Mantis, Brian Downey’s Live And Dangerous and the amazing tribute to UFO & Schenker Rock Bottom. This is always a highlight of the year and not to be missed.

So enough to keep me going and keep you interested I hope!

See you soon