April 2020

April 2020

To be honest, cancelling the last four shows on the Stray / Groundhogs Tour was a real personal blow. So much time, work and effort had gone into it and it was amazing! We had big audiences at all the shows and the fans loved it – many saying that it was the best they had seen both bands. It was a bill that really hit the right button with fans of each band often discovering the other for the first time. We will reschedule those last four shows and look forward to seeing you there.

I am now back on track and looking forward to events later this year. At this time we do not know how many more shows will get pulled but Praying Mantis, Vambo, Stray and Lola Montez are all looking down the barrel at the moment as far as spring / summer shows are concerned. You will know when we do, so keep checking in !

So a quick update on what the bands are doing…

Mantis are writing and laying down some tracks for the new album. It will follow on from Legacy and Gravity and that will give you some idea how good it is sounding already.

Vambo were smashing it live after massive shows at The Great British Rock & Blues Festival, Giants of Rock and The Garage in London. They are currently putting the finishing touches on some brand new tracks for release in October and I guarantee that you will be blown away! They will be busy boys this summer / autumn touring with their great friends Cats in Space and Praying Mantis.

Stray had such a great response on the tour and everyone was over the moon as to how they were received. Great to see some young faces in the audience although Del was not too keen on being referred to as a ‘heritage act’… surely a heritage act could not have managed all the stairs at Sin City Swansea! In the meantime, we will soon have something super rare for you in the Shop.

Lola Montez are feeling doubly battered after a hurricane hit their town just outside of Nashville destroying local businesses and they having their shows cancelled due to the same Corona Virus that is sweeping across America. They have still managed to put out a new single ‘Over and Over’.

We are also delighted to be working with our old friend Micky Moody again. We have managed to find a lost box of Micky’s incredible CD ‘Acoustic Journeyman’ – which was virtually impossible to find. On the back of the fantastic tour we are also working on projects with Ken Pustelnik and The Groundhogs. We have the official ‘Who’s Gonna save the World’ T Shirt and ‘Live at Kozfest 2019’ which up until now was only available at shows. So head over to www.monstrouschild.com/shop/

In the meantime, and most importantly, stay safe and healthy. See you out there soon when this is over!