August/September 2020

August/September 2020

Well… this has been a bad year by anyone’s standards. A lot of tough decisions and soul searching for everyone. I think a lot of people have severely underestimated how much so many have been mentally affected through this crisis.

So, we have postponed the Praying Mantis / Vambo tour until October 2021. Postponed all Stray shows except for a few ‘An Audience With Del Bromham’ shows which work very well under the present distancing regulations. Promoters are holding out as long as possible before announcing postponements, which is understandable. So we still have shows with Vambo / Cats in Space which are yet to get an official judgement.

One thing that still surprises me is that people are willing to pay £80 to stand at an Arena, struggle to get to the bar / toilet and get jostled all night. And yet they turn their noses up at a club show where a table and chair is reserved, with waiter service to the table and a safe environment for £10 a ticket. Others are desperate to cram into a seat to watch football but wouldn’t go to a gig because it might not be safe… oh well.

Fortunately, the bands have been keeping busy in other ways. Vambo have completed a new project which will be announced shortly. It sounds great but you will just have to wait. Stray are busy in the studios working on their new album, the 12th studio album by my reckoning. Looks like a February 2021 release. In the meantime, a brand new live album will hit the streets in October. Praying Mantis are also hard at work recording, in London and Holland, a new album for Frontiers. Again this looks like a new year release.

Promoters / Agents are frantically trying to book shows for 2021 and schedules look busy. I hope audience confidence returns and that a second wave does not scupper all the sacrifices that we have all made so far. Stay safe and take care. Hopefully see you at one of Del’s gigs. Come and say hello!