January 2019

January 2019

Happy New Year!

After a hugely successful tour around UK and Europe with Skinny Molly it really is time to get back behind the desk and get on with some work.

Firstly, I must thank every one who helped make the Skinny Molly tour the best yet. Don MacKay at Rhino Agency, Jurgen Stahl, Robert Mills, and Pavel in Czech Republic. Everyone worked so hard – sometimes at ridiculously short notice – to ensure the success. Now Mike and the boys are holed up putting the finishing touches to the new album. From what I have heard so far you will be in for a pleasant surprise as The Skinnies take it to the next level. Skinny Molly will be back in Europe in Sept/Oct 2019 and most dates are already in the bag – so get hold of your local agent now before it is too late.

Monstrous Child Ltd. will continue to develop its diverse activities this year so keep an eye open. Several well-known artists will be joining us and we are very happy to have old friends as well as one or two fantastic up-and-coming bands.

To start the year I ventured a couple of miles down the A23 to see Del Bromham and his Blues Devils deliver a fantastic show. Featuring anecdotes from his life and a brief touch of Stray classics, he held the room in the palm of his hand. This show is going to be huge so catch it when you can.

VamboApril 2019 sees the 26th Silja Rock Cruise – after last year’s stunning line up with Pat Travers Band, Girlschool, Rock Goddess, The Amorettes and Syteria we have another great line up booked. Rock legends Nazareth will join a stellar line up which includes Candlemass, Jamie Meyer, Fall from The Sky and many others. We are very proud to be taking from the UK, VAMBO who are hotly tipped to break big this year. They follow Massive Wagons and The Amorettes in flying the New British Rock flag on board.

A little later in the year we are going to have some more high jinx on the ocean. Well, the Baltic Sea actually. The Classic Car Parade is an annual shindig where the best of Scandinavian American Classic Cars descend on Riga Latvia after being ferried across from Stockholm. This event has a great rock’n’roll vibe. This year I have got one of our finest party bands headlining with their own brand of classic rock and roll… MUD! This is one of their very rare appearances and to say we are pleased to have them on board is an understatement.

On a sad note I will be saying goodbye to UFO. Probably my favourite band since seeing them regularly at The Marquee when I was school kid along with Steve Chivers.

The summer festival season will no doubt keep us busy too. So along with all the t-shirts/merchandise, bookings and management I am sure it will be busy… and hopefully I’ll get to see you out there !